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Digital Blonde

Digital Blonde, Nick Hansen's exciting new novel is now available. Find out all you need to know about this culturally significant event (and what little we know about its author) right here.

Digital Blonde

Nick does facebook

Nick loves noodling about on Facebook. It's the best place to befriend celebrities, learn about their peculiar lives and hunt trolls across the digital killing fields. Check it out here.

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Mobstar Press

Mobstar Press is the 'achingly cool' UK publishing house that has the honour of bringing Nick Hansen's work to the masses. Find out more about us here, and most importantly how you can get your hands on Digital Blonde.

Mobstar Press


Congratulations! You have found the gateway to Nick Hansen’s ‘official’ digital home. And this is a very good thing because here you will learn about Nick’s latest writing projects, personal appearances, media events and his many escapades.

You join us at a particularly exciting moment following the release of Nick’s latest novel, Digital Blonde (When Pop Meets the Mob).

For all you free-thinking trendsetters who can’t wait to get a copy, just click this magic link:

Here you will be effortlessly transported to your favourite digital book store where the sun always shines and an awesome read awaits.

And the best news? The ebook is available for free at most digital stores for a limited period. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Being awesome has never been easier. Go on, be a legend.

In the meantime, please enjoy exploring Nick’s site. We promise that Nick (and/or his team) will regularly add content, and we are always interested to hear from you with comments or suggestions. Don’t be intimidated; just get in touch and Nick (and/or his team) will be delighted to reply.

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