Digital Blonde: Official Teaser

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‘Melody’s tremors had returned. There was only one window. She’d give it a few more seconds then smash it with the bong and make her escape.’


My hotly anticipated new novel, Digital Blonde, has arrived! And for a limited time it’s available for FREE. Just click here:

In the meantime here’s a teaser…

Melody Bright, Britain’s latest pop phenomenon, is on a winning streak. Yes, there’s a hint of mental instability and a merciless manager, but as long as Melody suffers endless indignities without question success and glory are hers. That is until an innocent comment sets in train events that leave her on the brink of financial ruin and years behind bars.

Then the opportunity. SPRITE, an entertainment espionage agency, recruits Melody to steal the blueprint of a new reality TV concept from Danny Hoo, Vietnam’s most celebrated media mogul. Under cover of auditioning to star in Hoo’s current show (along with her bitter pop rival ‘Little’ Chelsea Earnshaw) Melody can look forward to earning a much needed £5m fee.

But instead of a few days in the sun she is greeted by ultra-high security, Hoo’s psychotic assistant and life threatening tasks. And when the bullets fly, with only Chelsea for support, she must clear her name of murder to have any hope of surviving the jungle and relaunching her career.

Part satire, part thriller, Digital Blonde is a hilarious riot of narcissists, gangsters and sex tapes. And above all it is an unlikely pop star’s inspiring tale of ambition and self-discovery.

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