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Mobstar Press is an independent publishing house based in London’s Covent Garden.


We operate at literature’s cutting edge, and embrace the myriad of book formats and markets available to modern authors.

As traditional publishers struggle with outdated business models they become increasingly conservative, investing in books ‘written’ by footballers, glamour models and celebrity decorators. This may be good news for ghost writers, but it is bad news for everyone else who wants fiction that is free to amuse, challenge and, above all, move us.

Our mission is to produce beautiful books, by authors who write with honesty and passion. Authors who are not just motivated to see their work sold in supermarkets next to a pop star’s fifth autobiography, but who want to hold a mirror to the world and all its power and glory.

We embrace the power of ebooks and the many facets of digital marketing. But we never forget that for many the experience of reading a physical book is incomparable. We also understand the importance of nurturing authors, helping them to express their unique take on life while never feeling the need to follow trends.

This is our mission, our gift to the world, and we know you are going to love us for it.

(Please note: Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting new submissions).

Digital Blonde: When Pop Meets The Mob

And while you’re here, may we introduce Nick Hansen’s new heavy-hitter, Digital Blonde.  Part satire, part thriller, this stunning novel is a hilarious riot of narcissists, gangsters and sex tapes. And above all it is an unlikely pop star’s inspiring journey of self-discovery and naked ambition.

And it gets better, because we’ve made Chapter One available for free. Right here, right now. All you need to do is click this link :

Please enjoy with our compliments.

Oh yes, and there’s even more great news. For all you free-thinking trend-setters who want to read the complete novel, just click this magic link:  Here you will be effortlessly transported to your favourite book stores where the sun always shines and an awesome read awaits.

Finally, if you want to impress your family and friends with your knowledge of cutting edge British literature why not spread the love?

Being awesome has never been easier. Go on, be a legend.

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