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As Digital Blonde’s publishing deadline approaches we have been slaving away, and our recent focus has been on creating the perfect cover design.

As Nick knows, this is a very serious endeavour. And we resent respect the fact that he has left this task entirely to us. He understands that we are the experts, and in some respects his decision to take an extended break in Italy makes complete sense.

Although he never stops reminding us would never admit it, he has been under enormous pressure and the most important thing is that he regains his strength for the forthcoming book tour. So, his decision to take a villa on the Amalfi coast for an indefinite period is medically important and commercially logical.

Anyway, back to the cover.

As the great Mendulsund once famously said, the book cover must find that ‘…unique textural detail that…can support the metaphoric (sic) weight of the entire book.’ With this advice in mind, we wanted Nick’s cover to represent Digital Blonde’s cool, satirical heartbeat whilst also referencing the danger that awaits Melody Bright, the novel’s complex protagonist. It was also important to foreshadow the novel’s international reach, with particular graphical emphasis on Vietnam. Combining these thematic concepts, we knew the cover needed a visceral colour palette that would ‘pop’ on the screen and appeal across the entire age*/gender/socio-political/socio-geographic spectrum.

It was a tough brief, but we think we’ve nailed it. And it is our pleasure to reveal the cover right here on Nick’s website. We are confident that Nick will be as pleased as we are when he opens the file we emailed him last week, or (more realistically) when we catch up whenever he is next in London.

We hope you like the Digital Blonde’s cover as much as we do. We have had a blast working with expert graphic designers (with special thanks to Antony at Freshly Squeezed Designs) and now we are delighted to share it with you!


Digital Blonde: When Pop Meets the Mob

Finally, we know that we are nothing without you guys, and we would love to hear what you think about the cover. Do please leave a comment, the best of which may be rewarded with a signed hardback first edition (assuming Nick one day regains the strength to lift a pen etc).

Mobstar Press 2017


* ‘entire age range’ strictly applies to people over the age on 18. Please read responsibly.


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