Weinstein and Trump

Spacey, Weinstein, Trump and even Rolf Harris. Nasty men with varying degrees of power that they needed to leverage for sexual gratification. A long tradition dating back to the ancient Greeks. A tradition that Hollywood has burned into its DNA. The #MeToo movement is fighting back, but when the Commander in Chief of the Free […]

The Poetry of Pleasure

If, like me, you adore poetry you are in for a treat. I am honoured to know the great Irish poet Rionach Broddighan and recently visited her in her adopted home of Milan. Following her award winning anthology ‘Play, Say, Ney’ she is finalising a new body of work that will challenge the boundaries of […]

Poetry For Transgender

We are passionate about curating some of the world’s most profound and moving poetry, particularly from poets operating beyond the mainstream. Whilst reading the acclaimed anthology Play, Say, Nay! we recently discovered a wonderful poem called ‘Dead Meat’ by Rionach Broddighan. For those who are yet to discover her work, Rionach is a leading member […]

Introducing Mobstar Press

Mobstar Press is an independent publishing house based in London’s Covent Garden.

Digital Blonde: Official Teaser

‘Melody’s tremors had returned. There was only one window. She’d give it a few more seconds then smash it with the bong and make her escape.’